Assistance for private or home-schooling students writing Cambridge Examinations

Personal Consultation 

Some students apply to study through a distance tuition college, like The British International College, CL Learning or Theocentric Christian Education. However, others choose to study on their own, with the help of tutors when needed.

Without the guidance of an experienced planner, students may not consider all the necessary steps in planning their course effectively - this could end in failure, if a student is not well-informed.

Even worse, imagine studying for about three years, writing your exams, and then discovering that you do not qualify for univeristy admission - just because you were not aware of changes in the rules!

An experienced course planner (with up-to date information) is able to give you an introductory planning session in person or by skype (or even by telephone / email) at a very reasonable once-off fee. Such an interview usually takes about 90 minutes.

Download - Information Letter

For further information or to set up a consultation in person or using Skype: Contact