Assistance for private or home-schooling students writing Cambridge Examinations


International Cambridge Education.

Recognised worldwide.

Unlimited student support.

Latest in E-learning technology.

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What we Provide:

  • Detailed work packs and textbooks for students studying IGCSE and AS Level courses.
  • Teachers available 24/7
  • Worksheets, detailed explanations and videos
  • One-on-one tutors
  • Pre-examination workshops.

 The Distance Learning Academy has come about due to the undoubted need for individual attention, in a fast-paced society where a simple classroom lesson is no longer sufficient to ensure that a child or young adult gets the best education possible. With the recent rapid developments in technology and communication, distance education is now, more than ever, a completely viable and realistic alternative to conventional full-time study. We strive to create an educational relationship that is interesting to the student and allows them to grow at their own pace and see their capabilities within themselves.

 The very heart of distance learning is about accessibility and assessment. We provide unlimited student support. Our work packs provide the educational foundation for students to work at a prearranged pace, but there will come a time when he or she will hit a road block. Through the use of assignments, our lecturers pick up on a student’s shortcoming. By providing additional worksheets and detailed explanations these areas of concern are addressed. Lecturers are always available to answer questions and provide extra help, should a student not understand.